Making real people who reveal the real Jesus in the real world


Life is difficult.

The sooner we embrace this truth, the better. In life’s difficulties, humans are hardwired to search for meaning but we often look in places that make life more difficult.

The writers of the Bible invite us to find meaning by doing something extraordinary. They urge us to remember the future.

While remembrance is related to the past, christians are reminded of the biblical promises of the future. Many of these are already fulfilled in the past—especially the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They give us the reasoned confidence to remember the future. Others are yet to be fulfilled and they give us the real hope and real meaning we need to thrive in the now.

Over the next couple of months, we will be peeking into the future through the book of Daniel in the Bible. He gives us the pattern of the world we live in and the promise of the world to come, so we can be transformed from getting as much for ourselves for our own good, into giving of ourselves for everyone’s good.