• Redeemer

    a church for people who don't go to church

    As we imagined Redeemer, we asked ourselves what kind of church we would never belong to—invulnerable, self-righteous, opposed to reason, fearful of doubt, cut off from the world and full of itself. Then we realised it's the kind of church Jesus would never belong to either.

  • A church

    is a family, a body, a people—not a building, structure, institution

  • for people who don't go to church

    When Jesus spoke, religious people were offended and non-religious people were intrigued. Nowadays, when Christians speak, religious people are intrigued and non-religious people are offended. Redeemer is for people who are tired of superficial, self-righteous, shame-based religiosity but remain curious, convinced or captivated by the person of Jesus.

  • "Yeh shehar nahi, mehfil hai"

    From the film Delhi-6

  • in the city, for the city

    As India moves toward a distinctly urban future, it will meet uniquely new challenges. Our vision for the city of New Delhi is a renewed, flourishing and truly whole metropolis where all people can experience personal, cultural, economic, social and spiritual wholeness.

  • india's urban future

    By 2030, more people are going to live in Indian cities than ever before

    by the year 2030

    590 million

    people will live in cities

    68 cities

    will have a population of more than 1 million. Europe has 35 today.

    91 million

    urban households will be middle class, up from 22 million today


    of new employment will be generated in cities

  • “Whatever you can rightly say about India, the opposite is also true.”

    Joan Robinson, Cambridge Economist

  • India's work culture

    We want to serve Delhi's professionals and create space for them to flourish in every way.

    52 hrs

    Indian millennials spend more time at work each week than global peers


    of Indian professionals are regularly looking for new opportunities


    of Indian employers do not encourage leave or time off


    of Indian professionals suffer depression, general anxiety disorder.

    2154 hrs

    Asian cities work the most hours annually. North America, the least at 1904 hrs.

  • The habit of hospitality


    "Hospitality means primarily the creation of free space where the stranger can enter and become a friend instead of an enemy. Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can take place. It is not to bring men and women over to our side, but to offer freedom not disturbed by dividing lines"

    Henri Nouwen

  • Our Values

    We like to think these unspoken cultural values describe who we are

  • A culture of

    Seeking Wholeness

  • A culture of


  • A Culture of

    Big Questions

  • A Culture of


  • A culture of


  • A culture of

    Ongoing Renewal

  • A culture of

    Gentleness & Respect

  • What we talk about when we talk about church

    When asked why so many people are leaving the church, author Ravi Zacharias simply responded, "Because the church has left the Gospel." We're reading the Gospels to see why Jesus was always in conflict with the Pharisees and other religious authorities.

    We meet at Dzukou Tribal Kitchen, Hauz Khas Main Market
    Every Sunday at 10:15 am with good coffee and great company

  • Capital: A Portrait of Twenty-First Century Delhi

    By Rana Dasgupta


    With the lyricism and empathy of a novelist, Rana Dasgupta takes us through a series of encounters - with billionaires and bureaucrats, drug dealers and metal traders, slum dwellers and psychoanalysts - which plunge us into Delhi's intoxicating, and sometimes terrifying, story of capitalist transformation.

    Why Cities Matter

    By Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard


    Using sociological research and data, urban pastors Justin Buzzard and Stephen Um lay out the vision and rationale for church planting, cultural engagement, and missionary impulses in our world's cities as they provide a solid foundation for motivation.

    Looking away

    Inequality, Prejudice and Indifference in New India


    By Harsh Mander


    In Looking Away, Harsh Mander ranges wide to record and analyse the many different fault lines which crisscross Indian society today...Harsh Mander points out, what most stains society today is the erosion in the imperative for sympathy, both at the state and individual levels, a crumbling that is principally at the base of the vast inequities which afflict India. Exhaustive in its scope, impassioned in its arguments and rigorous in its scholarship, Looking Away is a sobering checklist of all the things we must collectively get right if India is to become the country that was promised, in equal measure, to all its citizens.


    The Whistler in the Wind

    By Akshay Rajkumar 


    As a young engineer about to be married, Raj had a simple life in mind for himself. But when he was rattled by a conversation with a friend about the Bible, it piqued his curiosity and sent him on a quest to find the truth about God. What followed was a spiritual upheaval that led him to change his mind without realizing how it would change his life.


    A religious relativist turned into an unlikely evangelist. But the thrill of traveling to 40 nations and preaching 500 sermons a year came with the threat of being a distant husband and an absent father.


    The Whistler in the Wind is the true story of how a man found God at work in the seasons of his life, long before he set out to find Him.

    Interpreter of Maladies

    By Jhumpa Lahiri


    "All writing, all art, is just a wild leap off a cliff because there's nothing to support you. You're creating something out of nothing, really. No one is telling you to do it. It comes from within. It's a very mysterious process."


    —Jhumpa Lahiri, on writing and her new book, The Lowland.

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